Bonnie Kanner has had many hardships to overcome; hardships that ultimately helped to shape her into the strong and caring woman that she is today. When Bonnie was 29, her father was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. During the last months of his life, she moved in with her parents and acted as his caretaker, assisting the hospice nurses. Soon after her father’s death, Bonnie’s marriage ended and she suddenly found herself a single mother of two young children (ages 4 and 8). The need to support herself and her son and daughter lead to her producing a charity golf tournament called “Shoot for the Stars.” The tournament served as an avenue into the entertainment industry where Bonnie strove to make a name for herself with the hope that this would empower her to effect positive change in the lives of others.

As a cursory scan of her 80+ IMDB film credits reveals that she is definitely an accomplished Hollywood visual effects executive producer. Having worked on blockbusters like “Fantastic Four,” “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” “Blood Diamond” and “Live Free or Die Hard,” Bonnie was making great money and living what most would consider the glamorous life. While she is grateful for her success, she really wants to make a difference in the world and inspire others to help people as well. “I didn’t feel that I was living my life on purpose,” says Bonnie, an active member of the Producers Guild of America, Visual Effects Society, Women in Film and Screen Actors Guild. “Nothing I was doing felt truly fulfilling on a personal level.”

“At this point in my life,” she says, “I was ready for more. I was ready to find my true calling--my divine purpose for being.  I was ready to find something that would bring out the deepest aspects of who I am while rewarding me financially. One day a couple that Bonnie’s daughter had recently introduced her to invited her to join their private group of dynamic people from all over the world called “The Secret Knock.” This is where Bonnie learned about creating a Vision Board – a simple but powerful visualization tool that activates the universal law of attraction to begin manifesting dreams into reality. This inspired her to create one with her daughter and provided a much needed spiritual recharge.

“While I have always known that I want to make a difference in the world, creating the vision board served as a kind of awakening, it helped to open my eyes and taught me to recognize the opportunities that were all around me.” It was the roadmap that Bonnie needed to transcend the unfulfilling paycheck to paycheck status quo existence she had accepted for too many years. Bonnie explains, “Amazingly, once I made the decision to be in the divine flow, the people and opportunities to make things happen now just show up.” Opportunities, in both the entertainment world and beyond, led Bonnie to find numerous exciting ways to positively impact individuals around the world – including being a Strategic Alliance Expert and running her own film production company, Shooting Star Entertainment (

Bonnie is also now one of the 200 Founding Member Advisors to The California Stock Exchange, Cal X (, It is in the early stages of registering with the SEC with aspirations to become the third major stock exchange in the history of the USA. The first conscious capitalism stock exchange with an emphasis on promoting local investing. Cal-X seeks to be the stock exchange for main street not Wall Street. No day trading. No short trading. Cal-X hopes to be the “feel good marketplace” where dreams are realized.

In her work as a Strategic Alliance Expert, Bonnie draws on her very influential network of companies and individuals to bring people and businesses together to help them fulfill their missions to solve specific problems in the world.

As Executive Producer of various films and TV shows currently in development at Shooting Star, Bonnie works directly with studio executives, and capital partners to produce thought provoking, inspirational projects aimed at effecting positive change in our world.

“It was only when I decided to produce my own projects, not someone else’s, that I began to feel I was doing what I was called to do,” she says. “It’s wonderful to finally be able to pursue subjects that I am passionate about, that are very different from the majority of the entertainment that is mainstream today. Shows like ‘The Walking Dead,’ ‘Revenge’, ‘Dexter’ and ‘Breaking Bad’ are great, but they’re very dark and my purpose is to create balance by adding some light.”

One of Shooting Star’s first projects, “Flying Between Heaven and Earth,” an adaptation of Gina E. Jones’ award-winning novel about the trials and tribulations of an innocent angel when she volunteers to help Archangel Michael and his airline of angels (Infinity Airways) save humanity from the evil Lord of Darkness. With the right person sitting on the right flight in the right seat, the traveling public is unaware that they are being served by angels and are being given the opportunity to learn their soul’s most important lessons before they reach their destination.

The way “Flying…” came into Bonnie’s life is in line with her belief about the divine flow and opportunities. She received a message from Donald Delaney, who was persistent about her reading a script about angels saving humanity; he said it reminded him of her and her mission to transform the world. Bonnie loved the script and within a week she met the writer, Gina and struck up a deal with her to develop a film and TV series with her – with Delaney acting as Co-Executive Producer.

Another project in development that Bonnie is passionate about is “The Lost Teachings of Jesus Christ,” which came to her in an equally serendipitous way. When she attended The Enlightened Entrepreneur Summit, presented by Passion to Prosperity International, author and Self Awareness Institute founder Steven Sadleir was onstage and felt very familiar to Bonnie.

She pulled up an image of her vision board on her cell phone and realized that Steven looked just like the man in a picture with the captions “A divine relationship inspires others” and “Let’s Grow Together.” Several months later when they met to discuss business opportunities, he said, he knew when they first met that she would be the one to produce his screenplay “The Lost Teachings of Jesus Christ,” based on his book “Christ Enlightened.” It tells the story about Christ’s missing years (from ages 12-30), who he was and why people followed him, his teachings and his role as the son, friend and healer. Bonnie likes to call it “the greatest story never told about the greatest story ever told.”

Shooting Star’s busy production schedule also includes another Gina E. Jones project called “The Great Secret,” a transformative documentary that reveals the hidden secret how nature, our lives, DNA, pyramids, weather and even time itself--past, present and future--are all connected and written in a simple code.

“I am providing public awareness to help take projects and services to the next level,” Bonnie says. “Just like my film projects, they are like my babies and I’m very passionate about them. Public awareness and distribution are key components to the success of any product, service or invention. Film producers are always looking for alliance partners for new forms of distribution. Once Kiosk Co. (which owns and operates automated retail kiosks that dispense DVDs for rental and sales) and White Hatt Internet Television (an all-in-one, portable home entertainment system that integrates TV, internet TV, social networking, dvr cloud technology and Blu-Ray/DVD with 3-D) are funded, I will use my extensive entertainment industry relationships and databases to develop the necessary alliances.”

Bonnie’s numerous activities in this arena mostly stem from her dynamic association with Axiom Capital, a United Kingdom based global company that sources capital, creates strategic alliances and enhances the wealth and value of corporations and their investors. Attending a Crowd Funding conference in the Spring of 2012, she was introduced by a friend to David Sinclair, President of Axiom Capital USA. By the third conference she attended, Sinclair offered Bonnie a position as VP of New Business Development, with the flexibility to maintain Shooting Star. In this capacity, her role is to bring in new business opportunities that would have global appeal.

“I brought Axiom 40 companies in three months,” she says. “Since finding great companies to present to Axiom came naturally to me, I decided to present David with an opportunity which enabled us as partners to acquire an 18.5 million person database. We developed this concept into our joint venture, “Chosen For Change” (, whose focus is to market products, services and life-changing inventions that will have a positive impact on the world. I find it ironic that what had seemed like small and insignificant parts of my personality have actually emerged as my strong suits and part of my true calling. I love applying these skills to helping build international strategic alliances for corporations.”

These “Projects for Good” whose global awareness she is helping facilitate include innovative companies like Life Cube, ClickN KIDS Children’s Online Educational Community. In addition, she is working with Ron Klein and the IDENT-EYE-FIER, which, when the prototype is funded and the strategic alliance for manufacturing is in place, will produce glasses designed to read QR codes and translate them to audio for the visually impaired.

“Often, my work with these companies emerges from personal frustration, knowing that certain people in need are not aware of products that can help them,” Bonnie says. “For example, I was watching the news right after Hurricane Sandy hit and they were showing people from Staten Island who had no place to sleep and were facing freezing temperatures. Just a few days before I was exposed to Life Cube, which creates rapidly deploying shelters that expand from a five foot cube to a 144 square foot shelter complete with food, water, communications, lighting, heating and cooking within five minutes. I thought, ‘We should have Life Cubes there for these people!’ Well, I am now the company’s VP of New Business Development/Strategic Alliances and International Sales and promoting it via our opt in database which anyone can join on our new Chosen For Change website.

“Although in some ways I am still at the beginning stages of Chosen For Change and Shooting Star Entertainment, I’m very excited knowing that these ventures are going to change a lot of lives,” she adds. “When I first started this road to success, I often felt I was going around in circles. Now I’m driving a bullet train moving at the speed of light and stopping along the way to pick up lots of brilliant and innovative people and their amazing projects. As David Sinclair would say, ‘It’s Axiomatic!’”

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