Neuro headset"SYSTEM-UPGRADE"

Producer: Bonnie Kanner

Based on the novel:"System-Upgrade" by Chris Rossen
Genre: Action Adventure Thriller \ 
Estimated Budget : $40 million+ 

("Bourne Legacy" meets "Limitless")

- What if you could connect your brain directly to a computer? 

- This story is based on technology that exists today!

- This is not Sci-Fi!



An under-cover CIA officer and his Asian friend discover that the company they work for creates a product that manipulates the behavior of the general public, and must prove it to the media or be killed by a powerful corporate conspiracy.


Soon the public will be able to purchase a device that has the ability to increase the processing speed of the human brain,  just like adding RAM (Random Access Memory) to your computer?  In the world of "System-Upgrade" almost everyone has one of these devices; people wear them like a hearing aid or 'Bluetooth' device. (Like cell phones today, you can't really compete in business without one). 

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Smart Helmet and Augmented Reality

Scientists discover how to 'upload knowledge to your brain

Elon Musk Starts new company to interface with computers A Flexible Circuit Has Been Injected Into Living Brains

The story is about Neal Stevens, a quality control manager (and undercover agent) who works for the company that develops this product.  Neal discovers that hidden within the device contains software that influences a user's propensity to buy certain products or can influence who the public will vote for in the upcoming presidential election.


Neal’s life is in danger when he finds out that factions of the US government are working directly with the CEO of his company. This technology changes markets and is designed to manipulate the election process!


Neal is hunted down by an unknown corporate conspiracy because he knows too much. A secret plan is behind the development of this product and Neal must get the proof, or die. 


"System-Upgrade" draws parallels to our existing relationship with mass media manipulation and how corporations attempt to control much of our lives.  The story challenges the way we think about technology.




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Production Budget

$55 million

$40 million

$27 million

$48 million

The project has multiple revenue streams, including: an interactive game, product placement and an social media.  This award winning screenplay is ready for pre-production.  The budget and locations are already mapped out and will be provided upon request.